Tyne Pass

What is Tyne Pass?

Tyne Pass is TT2’s biggest project since the construction of the second vehicular tunnel.

We have progressed to Open Road Tolling, meaning you can now drive straight through the Tunnels without stopping, speeding up your travel time and reduce congestion.

Tyne Pass will bring many new improvements to the Tunnels, which will benefit you as a customer on your journey. Such as:

  • Faster journey times – no more waiting in traffic behind people paying their tolls
  • Less pollution – not having to stop and start again means lower emissions and pollution in the surrounding area
  • Easier to pay – with the use of a Pre-Paid account, Pay for Passage and PayPoint at retailers, you’ll no longer be searching for change in your car
  • Better for business – time is money. Improving this key transport link means goods are being transported faster and customers can find businesses easier

Get the full benefit of Tyne Pass with a Pre-paid account. Save 10% on every crossing.

Create a Pre-paid account

Having a Pre-paid account means:

  • A 10% discount on every crossing no matter how infrequently you may travel
  • Convenience of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) means your Vehicle Registration Number is quickly read and the toll is deducted from your account
  • Manage multiple vehicles from one account
  • Always have credit with Auto Top-up

Did you know you can save over £200 a year with a Pre-paid account? See how much you could save with our Travel Calculator.

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