ANPR Migration FAQ

Will I still be able to use the balance on my existing permit?

Yes. In order to use your available balance, you’ll need to go into your account and add in your vehicle registration number. To do this, follow this guide.

Please ensure that you don’t create a new account as your balance will not transfer over. You must simply log into your existing account here to provide the information, or request online access to your account here.

If you don’t wish to provide your vehicle registration, you won’t be able to use your existing balance for your journeys and you will need to email us to request a refund. Simply email us [email protected].

I want to keep my permit, why can’t I keep this?

As we move towards Open Road Tolling, the system will identify you via your vehicle registration number. The technology for the permits will be decommissioned.

Why can’t I keep my permit until we move to Open Road Tolling?!

We are deactivating permits manually ahead of Open Road Tolling because our Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology is the preferred Pre-Paid option and once we get to Open Road Tolling, will be the only Pre-Paid option available.

Additionally, if you haven’t migrated to Automatic Number Plate Recognition and we have deactivated your permit, the barrier or red light will prevent you from driving on and you will have alternative means of making payment. If we wait until after we introduce Open Road Tolling, there won’t be any barriers to remind you that your permit is no longer a valid form of payment and you would have to remember to go on and make a payment yourselves after your journey. As such, we are wanting to get you moved over now to ensure that you’re as prepared as possible and that the transition is as effortless as possible for you.

I’m an exempt customer/blue badge holder, how will this work for me?

We will be in contact with you shortly to discuss how this will work for you.

What happens if I don’t take action after you contact me regarding my permit?

If you don’t take any action, your permit will still be turned off after the date stipulated within our contact to you. You will then no longer be able to use your permit to pay for your journeys and you will see “tag rejected” on the screen at the Plaza. You will then only be able to either pay with cash or pay later at this point and won’t receive your pre-paid discount.

In order to ensure you continue to receive your pre-paid discount and use any existing balance on your permit, you will need to go onto your account and add your vehicle registration number.

You’ve turned my permit off, but I didn’t receive any contact from you?

We are contacting all customers via the contact information on their account. It is up to you to make sure that your contact information is up to date on your account as per our terms and conditions.

The best way to avoid this happening is to either log into your account now and add your vehicle registration which will mean the cameras will then identify you via your vehicle registration and you will no longer need your permit, we will then deactivate it for you. Or, log into your account and check that your contact information is up to date to ensure that we direct our correspondence to the right place.