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Am I eligible for an exemption account?

As long as you have a Blue Badge or your vehicle is tax exempt due to a disability, you can apply for an exemption account.

What will happen if I don’t register my Vehicle Registration Number with my exemption account?

The toll is payable. This must be made by midnight the day after your journey, make sure to register your vehicle against an exemption account for any future journeys.

If payment is not made by midnight the day after your journey, an Unpaid Toll Charge Notice (UTCN) will be issued.

Payment can be made online at, via our app, automated telephone payment line on 0191 574 0030 or a PayPoint retailer.

Can I still show my Blue Badge to claim my exemption?

No. You must register for an exemption and assign your vehicle registration number to your exemption account.

I use more than one vehicle, how will this work?

You can register one vehicle against your exemption. You will have the option to change your registered vehicle once per month. You can do this via your online account or by contacting us.

I’m unsure how to complete the application form for registering for an online exemption account.

Please contact us. Our customer service team is available to assist on 0191 574 0031.

I have a Blue Badge/ a Blue Badge holder in the vehicle when I travel. Can I still claim my exemption?

You cannot claim exemption with a Blue Badge or Blue Badge holder in the vehicle with you, unless you have registered for an exemption account in advance.

My vehicle is exempt, but the Blue Badge holder is not in the vehicle.

The toll is payable. You can make payment via this page.

What if the vehicle I’m travelling in is registered with a Pre-Paid account?

You will not be able to add this vehicle against your exemption unless you remove this from the Pre-Paid account, as it cannot be on both.

If you do remove the Vehicle Registration Number from the Pre-Paid account, you will need to ensure that you add your Vehicle Registration Number back onto the account for any future paid journeys on the Pre-Paid account.

What if I’m a visitor to the area but have a Blue Badge?

You must register your vehicle against an exemption account prior to travel otherwise the toll is payable.

I don’t have online access. How do I apply and manage my exemption account?

Please contact us for further assistance.

I already have an exemption. When do I have to renew?

Renewing your exemption is required annually. You can do this online here following the link to a Blue Badge exemption or Disability Tax exemption form, and then selecting the link in bold text to the renewal form.

If you require this information in an alternative format, please call our customer service team on 0191 574 0031.

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