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Welcoming Back Our Customers – Updates to the Tyne Tunnels

The team at TT2 are committed to ensuring it provides a first-class customer experience that is the safest, most reliable and convenient method of crossing the Tyne.

Many businesses reopening from today, Saturday 4 July, we wanted to let you know about all of the updates at Tyne Tunnels, as well as some upcoming improvements. We have all been working hard to make sure our customers have an even better experience when everyone returns.

What’s new at the Tyne Tunnels?

In TT2’s pursuit to continuously improve the service it provides to its customers, all of your comments have been taken in to consideration and guided each of our new projects. We call this You Said, We Did. Here are some of the latest improvements:

Pay after your journey with ‘Pay Later’ – There is a new way to pay for your journey at the Tyne Tunnels so you no longer have to worry about having the right change. Simply press the green ‘Pay Later’ button and pay online or by phone before midnight the following day. Read all about Pay Later here. Your usual cash and pre-paid account methods are available as normal.

Faster Account Creation – You said you would like a faster account creation process, so we’ve updated our systems so the process takes minutes instead of days. Customers can create an account here (Website) and we’ll be updating the process on our app by 10 July. Did you know you can save 10% per journey when you have an account with us?

Website improvements – We’ve updated our homepage and added a robust FAQ section so you can find the answers you need faster. We even have a messenger bot you can chat to on our Facebook Messenger who can help answer your most common questions.

App Update – We recently completed our app update so you can now manage and store multiple cards and make quick payments of just the amounts needed for a journey. If you haven’t already you can download our app here on Apple and here on Android devices.

What’s coming soon?

You Said, We Plan To:

Toll Plaza Updates – We will be updating the signage on our plazas to make using the Tyne Tunnels even easier. This includes the often asked for additional dedicated Pre-paid only lanes for our customers that have signed up for an account. The aim in the near future with these is to have these be the first lanes without barriers, meaning customers with accounts will be able to travel through the lane quicker reducing transaction times.

Auto Account Top Ups – Many customers would like the ability to automatically have their account topped up from their chosen bank accounts when their funds are low. We aim to roll this update out later in the year so account holders never have to worry about low funds.

Enterprise Management – Many businesses use the Tyne Tunnels daily and we are at the heart of transport in the North East. We will be adding a dedicated area for business customers to manager their vehicles and expenses with the Tyne Tunnels.

Tyne Pass – This is our plan to completely remove the toll plazas at the Tyne Tunnels meaning no barriers or bottle necks. This will speed up our customers’ journeys and massively reduce carbon emissions at the Tyne Tunnels.

Welcome Back, Everyone

We hope you’re excited about everything new and upcoming at the Tyne Tunnels. We look forward to seeing you all. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest updates.

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