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Customer FAQ

In order to process your query as fast as possible, please look for your question in the FAQ below to ensure you get through to the correct area and your query is resolved as efficiently as possible.

Pay Later FAQs

1. I have missed the deadline that is printed on my Pay Later (Schedule of Charge) ticket. What should I do?

Payment must be made by midnight of the following day of your journey. If no payment is made then an Unpaid Toll Charge Notice will be posted to the registered keeper of the vehicle once we get the details from the DVLA.

2. I have received an error message when I have tried to make a payment

There may be a problem with your payment source, browser or device. We recommend you try making payment using another card, another device and/or another internet browser.

3. What methods of payment can I use?

o   You can pay online here

o   You can pay using the automated payments line 01915740030

o   We can NOT accept payment via cash or cheque

4. My Pay Later number is not recognised

Pay Later reference numbers are 13 digits long and contain no letters. Check the number is correct and try again, and consider using another device or another browser.

If you have tried this and still have problems you can contact us here.

5. Can I pay for my Pay Later ticket using my Pre-Paid account?

No, the Pay Later ticket payment terms are separate and payment can not be deducted from your Pre-Paid account

Unpaid Toll Charge Notice (UTCN) FAQs

1. How soon after my missed Pay Later deadline will I receive my UTCN?

These are posted out to the registered keeper within 14 days of your payment deadline. It can sometimes be longer depending on how long it takes the DVLA get back to us with the address. You will have 14 days from the date the UTCN is produced to make your discounted payment.

2. My car is a lease/not registered to me but I want to pay the UTCN

o   You will need the UTCN reference number to make a payment, and if you haven’t got this you can contact us here.

3. How much will my UTCN be?

o   £60.00 + your toll, which is reduced to £30.00 + your toll if paid within 14 days of the UTCN being produced

o   If payment is not made within 28 days it increases to £100 + your toll

4. How do I pay my UTCN?

o   You can pay online here

o   You can pay using the automated payments line 01915740030

o   We can NOT accept payment via cash or cheque

5. How do I appeal my UTCN?

o   We can only accept appeals by following this link

o   For us to make a decision regarding your appeal it is important you upload as much evidence as possible to support your appeal

6. Can I appeal my UTCN by phone or email?

No, we can only accept appeals by following this link.

7. How long will it take for you to get back to me following my appeal?

o   We endeavour to get back to you within 10 working days of us receiving your appeal, and it helps if you upload as much evidence as possible.

o   Once your appeal has been made, the discount period is paused until your appeal has been reviewed and responded to.

Exemption and Blue Badge

1. Am I eligible for an Exemption account?

As long as you have a Blue Badge or your vehicle is tax exempt due to a disability

2. How do I apply?

o   Blue Badge Exemption (an individual)

You will need to complete and sign an application form and send us:

·         a passport sized photograph

·         a copy of both sides of your Blue Badge

·         a copy of your proof of address (bank statement, utility bill etc)

·         a stamped addressed envelope

o   Disability Tax Exemption (a vehicle)

You will need to complete and sign an application form and send us:

·         a copy of the V5C document (vehicle log book)

·         a copy of your DWP letter confirming your higher or enhanced DLA/PIP

·         a stamped addressed envelope

The forms can be found here.

3. I already have an Exemption permit, when do I have to renew?

Renewals are required annually

The renewal form can be found here.

4. Will I receive a permit to put on my windscreen?

o   If you have applied for a Blue Badge Exemption, we will post you a permit following your application for you to stick on your windscreen

o   If you have applied for Disability Tax Exemption we will add your vehicle’s registration plate to our ANPR system so you don’t need a permit

Pre-paid Accounts

1. What are the benefits of a Pre-Paid account?

o   A Pre-Paid account is the most efficient way of paying for your journey as the cost is deducted from your credit

o   You receive a 10% discount on each journey

o   You can set up a Direct Debit each month to add credit to your account

o   You get notifications to advise you when you credit is running low

o   Our App allows you to update all of your details in real time

You can apply here.

2. How many vehicles can I add to my Pre-Paid account?

You can add as many vehicles as you want to your account.

3. Can I add the same vehicle to another Pre-Paid account?

No. You can only have a vehicle on one Pre-Paid account at a time.